A. JANTRA DOTS Clinic / DR Sub center

The DOTS clinic is providing quality, patient-centered TB treatment services since its establishment in 2008. The JANTRA DOTS clinic is also a DR sub-centre for the National Tuberculosis Centre since 2016. The clinic opens at 8:00 am in the morning and closes at 5:00 pm. The time is very convenient for TB patients as it opens early in the morning, most of the DOTS centers in Nepal opens at 10:00 am and close at 5:00 pm which is not much convenient for TB patients, especially for school and college students, employees, etc. The catchment area of the clinic is Koteshwor -32. The average number of TB patients per month in the clinic is 30.


B. JANTRA Microscopic Centre and GeneXpert Lab

JANTRA DOTs Clinic has Microscopic and GeneXpert Laboratory for Sputum testing to determine TB cases.


C. Monthly Volunteers meetings

The total number of female community health volunteers in ward 32 and 10 is 28 and 22 respectively. Each monthly meeting is carried out with the community volunteers of ward number. The main agendas for meetings are as follows

  1. Early case findings and follow-up of patients
  2. Reporting and recording  forms and formats Collection of reporting formats
  3. Review achievement 
  4. Discussed and updates the activities that are performed in the community.
  5. Inform about the importance of recording and reporting forms organized in the community.
  6. Informed and request volunteers to collect the name list of potential areas for the future ACSM activity in the local community focusing on vulnerable populations.
  7. Discussed challenges faced by the Volunteer and identified some possible solutions and strategies to cope with these challenges and problems.

In the volunteer’s meeting, feedback on JANTRA activities at the community level is taken and also suggestions to the volunteers are given. They will be mobilized for field activities.